I’ve still never been to a concert….but I met a hip-hop group tonight and they bet me $100 to beat their lead singer (rapper??) at a dance game so I whooped his ass and improvved a couple back and forths with him as he tried to push me off the pad lol. After it was all done, I walked off with cash, and some new friends! I’m never leaving Charlotte!

I give up playing the politics game. I’d rather spend time learning useful things than to argue over something with which the decision made has factors of stupidity in the outcome. Created are debates not over “right” or “just” general population’s perceptions of moral or ethical views, but comes down to how most convincingly to connive a victorious vote -usually by bashing the opposite argument in more than our own.

A massive fucked up game of psychology and philosophy at it’s core, logic is far from seen by the ignorance of the general public who (at least if everything even works correctly) control their congressmen passing/failing bills.

Of course anyone can play a blame game….

Thinking back, I’ve been stupid in the past. We all have. Now, answering questions people ask, or perhaps trying to recall a certain memory correctly, I have to wonder about when I acquired the memory, and what my thoughts were back then -for they may be false. We believe we are the smartest in the present, after every day passes. But unless we have been careful 100% of our lives, our minds when built up, have flawed blocks and can never be perfectly correct in all situations.

Ahhh the imperfections that make us human are wonderful.

I’ve always been big on symbolism and lately I’ve been thinking about tattoos. An old-fashioned compass has always been my first choice (don’t worry, this decision has been many years in the making) to keep myself focused and aimed towards my goals. The second is less personal, something symbolic of chaos theory’s Butterfly Effect, or snowball effect. I’m thinking about getting this one first actually as it’d be meta and self-fulfilling in a symbolic way. That one tattoo, starting a spree of new times, new actions in my life.

From all the butterfly effects I’ve already let loose, to the multitude more splintering forth, my first tattoo will be many origins.

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